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Gold Laser Lasermodule Laserlab labor Pantec Biosolutions Research Development Photonic Optic medical industrial application

Laser and Optics


  • solid state laser development

  • laser diode development

  • ray tracing

  • multiphysics simulation

Mechanical design


  • miniaturized optical systems

  • multi-axis mechanical positioning systems

  • prototyping

Construction Pantec Biosolutions Medical device micromechanics development computer desk
multiphysics simulation comsol Pantec Biosolutions termal development simmulation development service

System development


  • circuit board & hardware design

  • embedded software & FPGA

  • UI & usability design

  • multiphysics simulation

Advanced diagnosis &

AI image processing


  • OCT tissue depth detection

  • 2D image processing in realtime

  • 3D detection of objects for precise laser positioning

3D detection Pantec Biosolutions black grey development process tissue image processing micropores dermatology
Medical Device Prototype Development Pantec Biosolutions PLEASE tissue treatment  dermatology medical

Device development &



  • medical & industrial device

  • contract development

  • requirements & specifications

  • co-creation

Technical documentation


  • device history file

  • risk management file

  • usability engeneering file 

technical dokumentation prototyping process development Pantec Biosolutions grafic research

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