Personalized Cancer Vaccination

Cancer vaccines, which are designed to amplify tumour-specific T cell responses through active immunization, have long been envisioned as a key tool of effective cancer immunotherapy. Recently, next-generation sequencing and novel bioinformatics tools have enabled the systematic discovery of tumour neoantigens, which are highly desirable immunogens because they arise from somatic mutations of the tumour and are therefore tumour specific. As a result of the diversity of tumour neoepitopes between individuals, the use of personalized cancer vaccines is warranted.

Clinical protocols and data of eg. Ott et al, 2017, Nature, Sahin et al, 2017, Nature provide a strong rationale of this approach, alone and in combination with checkpoint blockade or other cancer therapies.

The workflow

Easy administration and priming with EPIMMUN® patches:

After the personalized cancer vaccines (peptides, ...) are manufactured they are loaded on the EPIMMUN® patches in certified centers.

In the clinic the oncologist is applying the patches after microporating the skin with the P.L.E.A.S.E.® device. The patches stay for 48 hours on and can afterwards be removed.

  • Speed to bedside
    6 - 8 weeks from Biopsy to first vaccination
  • Effective and Safe
    directly target skin APC without leading to free passage of antigen into the circulation, which could result in safety issues
  • Dry and stable vaccine manufacturing technology allows preparation of 9 sets of vaccine patches for the first year
  • Open for Combinations
    can be easily combined with other cancer therapies
  • Therapeutic and Maintainable
    With the same vaccine patch