Skin vaccination


Advanced skin vaccination with laser assisted epidermal immunization

Skin vaccination is an active immunization to induce immunity after exposure to an antigen on the pretreated skin instead of an injection.

In the past decade the skin has gained renewed attention as target for vaccinations due to its unique features such as

  • accessibility,
  • high abundance of skin-resident professional antigen presenting cells (APCs), and
  • efficient drainage through lymphatics to create
  • strong immune response
We are excited by such strong immunogenicity results, which is the result of a novel approach to vaccination.

2018 Siegriest CA. et al., Phase I, double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized safety and immunogenicity trial of reactivation of pertussis toxin immunity with an investigational epicutaneous patch in healthy adults
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Simplification in Vaccine Development

Fast track

Much easier and fast formulation development


Avoidance of expensive formulation due to unique dry patch technology

No adjuvant

Laser creates the signals for the immune system

No sterility

Patch is topical applied so only low bioburden is needed


Enhanced immune response due to direct delivery to key immune cells

Low cost

Due to fast development and no sterile patch production

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